Trucking & Freight Brokerage Services

In addition to operating our own fleet, J&B Services also operates a brokerage division. We secure the services of  experienced transportation companies to carry your truckload freight from one location to another. We use only local fleets that we have personally vetted to ensure that your cargo will get to its destination on time and without any mishaps.

We have access to more than 500 local trucks that we can call upon whenever the need arises. These trucks are monitored regularly to confirm that they are up to specifications, in compliance and meet our standards. We also check all fleets for insurance and verification that they are following safety guidelines and regulations. All carriers must be in compliance in order to carry any cargo through our services.


As with our own fleet, we utilize a number of different technologies to make certain that we know where every one of our hired trucks is at any given time.  We are able to communicate with the drivers at any time and advise them of any sudden changes in the delivery location or time. We can also send you any documents related to the job, including invoices, load acceptance, and status updates, at any time using our electronic document system. We take care of all of the end-to-end monitoring, so we know exactly when your load leaves and when it arrives. If anything is amiss, we’ll look into it.


Our brokerage carries contingent cargo and liability insurance as a backup to the carriers insurance. Having this insurance in place ensures our clients are taken care of should there be any issues. We are also bonded by an A++ rated company.