Service Center

Our state-of-the-art Maintenance and Repair facility is a full service shop that keeps our fleet of vehicles in top condition. All of our vehicles are regularly maintained to guarantee that they are in the best condition they can be in. By operating our own repair facility, we can get vehicles back on the road much more quickly and with the assurance that we know they’re fully repaired and ready to go.


But we do more than simply keep our own fleet in top shape. We also offer our repair and maintenance services to other truckers and to the general public as well. We offer repair on all types of commercial vehicles including pick-ups and cargo vans all they way through heavy duty trucks and trailers. We are also certified for air conditioning repair and are certified to perform brake inspections.

Let us put our knowledge, equipment, and experience to work for you. We offer repairs on power units and trucks that range from medium duty to heavy duty. Have a breakdown after hours? If you’re within our service area, we’ll even send a truck out to help get you back on the road or at least to a suitable area until further repairs can be made.

If your trailer needs repairs, we can handle that, too. We offer suspension replacement, structural repairs, and will even rebuild the roof if it’s in need.


If you want more information on our repair facilities or would like to schedule service on your truck or trailer, give us a call today to make an appointment.