Truckload Division


Our truckload division is a mid-sized fleet that is made up of 140+ trailers and 60+ trucks. J&B has partnered with Kenworth Trucks and Paccar Engines to supply trucks and engines for the fleet, brands known for their reliability, durability, and smooth operation. We’re always looking to improve our fleet, and we often upgrade to the latest technology when it becomes available. J&B’s has always had a dedication to quality by purchasing only the best equipment and entrusting it to the most dependable drivers. Our experienced drivers understand how important it is to reach their destination on time and to make certain everything they’re delivering is safe and secure.


With technology improving on a regular basis, we know we have to keep upgrading or get left behind. J&B makes use of the latest in transportation technology. Everything from our trucks and maintenance to our satellite tracking equipment, our office features the latest in technology to give you only the very best. Updating this technology improves our efficiency and can help keep our maintenance and repair costs down, savings we can then pass on to you. Our EDI capabilities mean that we can provide you with electronic business documents, including invoices and status updates, whenever you need them.


Our fleet provides service to local and regional businesses in addition to providing long-distance transportation to anywhere in the lower 48 states.



PeopleNet GPS Tracking Capabilities (click for larger view)

Our record speaks for itself. Our ON-TIME percentage with our customers is OVER 99%, a rate few other companies can match.

We have also won a number of safety awards, including Platinum Safety Awards from our insurance carrier, Safety Champion with our Worker’s Compensation Insurance Carrier, and we have placed in the top three in Intercity Carriers for the entire state of Mississippi for the last three years for safety. J&B is also partners with the Environmental Protection Agency in the Smartway program to reduce emissions and improve the air quality.

With J&B’s dedicated staff of quality employees, top of the line fleet of vehicles, latest technology, and a dedication to providing quality, safe service, it’s no wonder customers choose J&B Services.